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Andy Aaron Ray is a former boxer of 74 years old. A man who became very rich when young, however he ended uo losing everything he fought due to greed, pride and selfishness. In 1964, after been hospitalized and get in come during two months he is stolen for his own businessperson and is made to leave rings and the proud of Las Vegas to live alone on the streets for decades until been met by a young couple of rich doctors and been invited to live in an old barn behind their mansion where they lived around Canton, close to Jackson city, capital of Mississipi state, U.S.A southeast.

Due to the hard blows life hit him, plus the hard blows from the incredible fights in the 70’, old Andy ended up getting many side effects physical and emotional ones. Now, old, sick and living in deep solitude, without any improvement , he sees himself abandoned by life, without relatives, nor siblings, no friends and given to the deepest sadness of soul. Although, in the begining of 2014 he knew Budd, a boy of only eight years old who every Friday after school stopped in front of Klein’s house to talk and learn sbout the secrets of life and listen to the exciting Andy’s histories about the golden age of the American boxing. When he was a young athlete, Andy was called the "Two A" or “Two Arms”. Who nick named him was Allie, his couch and older brother, because of the power of his crossed blows which easily knockout his opponents, either with his right or left arm.

After so much time passed and feeling an old man sick and forgotten by the world, suddenly he is recognized again by someone, an ordinary boy who shows up in his life and becomes his only friend.
However, the boy realizes the deep depression which Andy comes facing and tries at all cost to help him finding a meaning for his life, unfortunately his proud is too powerful that he cannot getaway that situation.
In a raining April afternoon, inside the barn, during a brief conversation, Andy decides to reveal his deepest secrets to the boy, however, a dramatic talk over makes everything go wrong. Without thinking, Andy scream is angry and say to the boy never cross his way, saying that no person on Earth would be able to help an old lonely man close to death like him.

Budd gets scared with that violence and the screams and decides never to return. Andy regrets and takes a decision, he gets his old backpack and goes toward his only friend. But what would have happened to Budd?

The search for forgiveness ends up making Andy Aaron Ray’s life into a shocking history of redemption and spiritual learning, without ever think about it, his life takes him to meet the real meaning of life.

E-Book | My Friend Andy

SKU: B07D27J2H7
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