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A romantic drama set in England that will certainly involve the reader from beginning to end. A moving story between the relationship of a father and son, Joseph, born with Down syndrome. Parker builds his career successfully yet success has its price. On a fateful day, Parker takes Joseph on a holiday trip to meet his literary idol, a children’s book author. For a second, Parker turns to buy food and his son is kidnapped, suddenly disappearing in the Parisian crowd.

Consumed with guilt and facing an extreme financial predicament, he finds himself chasing his son in the middle of the winter, only to discover the price of the success he so proudly conquered.

In misery and homelessness, Parker lives in extreme hardship and suffering throughout the cold and lonely nights in Paris. But when all seems completely lost, he begins to have visions and begins to communicate with some people in his dreams. Because of these people his nightmares and life of darkness end up turning into a beautiful story of love and overcoming the impossible with a surprising ending.

Purpose and goals: Show the power of love and perseverance of a father in search of his only son who has been missing for over ten years and a testament that in the most difficult moments of our lives there is a universal force that sustains us.

E-Book | Dear Joseph

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