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Happiness is Now

Gener: Espirituality e Family Redemption 

Year: 2018

Pages: 391


Adam Stone, a New York stock exchange broker, takes a tough decision after finding out he has got an incurable disease in mid-20015 right after leaving his doctor’s office in Queens neighborhood, finding himself suddenly with Miss Sun, a street vendor in her seventish who gives him a precious advice and a new way to go. From this unexpected moment on, his life drastically changes.. 
Since his childhood in the ordinary Mont Saint-Hilaire city in Canada, an emptiness stabs his soul being witness of his brother’s fateful death letting Adam mute.
Unfortunately Adam has never understood his brother’s death. However, getting close to his forties, he gets sick and loses his life controls.
In despair he makes his mind to follow Miss Sun’s advice and heads to the unknown. Without telling anyone, he gathers some belongings into his backpack and goes to JF. Kennedy airport heading to the mysterious city of Katmandu, where he meets Sher-Rap, a 50-year-old Sherpa mountaineer, born in the holy surroundings of Himalaya Mountains.
Besides Spiritual guide, Sher-Rap becomes his best friend and confident. An ordinary man, but able to teach him everything about the power of gratitude and the synchronicity law.

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